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I like the guy who sold 2 Chainz his second chain

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Blake Griffin for GQ [Oct 2014]

On religion:   “I hate when I see Christians, or whatever religion it is, protesting gays and having signs that say, like, “God hates gays.” Because I’ve studied a lot of different religions; going to Christian school, we had a class where we would look at different religions, and we would kind of break them down and compare and contrast. And the Bible, take the Bible. So you believe in the Bible? God used women who were prostitutes, He used people that were stealers, people that were considered sinners, whatever the term may be, and He used them as His…to be examples of His teachings and things. Not make an example out of them, but actually use them. So, like, how can you say that God hates anybody? I’m saying, how could He be mad at somebody for liking the same sex? I don’t get it. And it also makes me mad, because as a religious person, it makes you look bad. I think it’s unfortunate.”

On dating: “I can’t say today I have it down completely. People just think about L.A. and they think, ‘Oh, there’s so many beautiful women out here,’ and things of that nature. But it is so hard to find just like a decent, like straight, you know, across-the-line, just like good girl out here.”


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Million watt smile fer sure 

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