Blake. Austin. Griffin.

I like the guy who sold 2 Chainz his second chain

equalityforall567 asked: Part 26 please!! I'm in love with your stories!

I’m trying, I really am :( bear with me please!

Anonymous asked: Do you have an update date yet?

No, I’m sorry! I’m so busy but I promise I am slowly working on it!

I legitimately think we can win it all this year. 2 pumped 4 playoffs :) :) :)

Anonymous asked: When are you updating :(

Idk I’m sorry :(

Anonymous asked: Update this weekend?

Probably not, but I swear it’s coming along!!

funziona asked: Little message to let you know i just started reading your story. I'm at chapter 5 right now and i'm just out of breath. You're a VERY, VERY talented writer, i'm really impressed by your writing style ! I love the way you express yourself on your story and i can't wait to read the next ones ! I have a lot of readings to do, but i'd LOVE to take the time to read all your chapters ! I really love it, with all sincerity !

Oh my goodness, you’re so sweet! Thank you so so so much, I hope you know you made my day, and I really enjoy this. A lot. :) *muah*

boston-beautyyyy asked: Idk if it's me but did Blake like do something different to his teeth?

I think he has veneers but he got them a while ago.